ANNOUNCEMENTS - An RAHS60 Announcemants eMail List has been established to provide distribution of Rancho Alamitos High School Graduating Class of 1960 information to all Classmates. Classmates who Register will automatically be included on this Announcements List. Any information to be distributed to this list should be sent to Jim Fortney, the List Manager.

DISCUSSION REFLECTOR - An RAHS60-Chat eMail Reflector has been established allowing Classmates of the Rancho Alamitos High School Graduating Class of 1960 to "Keep in Touch" as a group. It is intended as a place where classmates can share with others what they are doing, and where they are in life. If you were a member of this Class, you are strongly encouraged to join us on the Reflector. You can make this election when you REGISTER.

For those that have not used an email reflector before, it is a very simple system that allows everyone in a defined group to receive any email directed to the group address. You do not need to know everyone's email address, nor do you have to maintain an address book. It sometimes means that you receive items that aren't of specific interest to you, but it provides for maximum information sharing within the group. You are encouraged to delete what you don't want.

The RAHS60 Announcements List, RAHS60-Chat Reflector Service, and the CLASSMATES ONLY portion of the Website, are open ONLY to registered individuals.

The RAHS60-Chat Reflector is managed and passively moderated by Jim Fortney. If you have questions or concerns, you can send him mail directly by clicking on his name.

The RAHS60-Chat Reflector is restricted to non-commercial communications.

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